Who We Care For

We care for children of all ages ranging from 3 month old babies to 5 year old children ready to enter into school.

The different rooms consist of:

Baby Cabin 3 - 12 months

A specially built log cabin opened in June 2005 providing us with a safe, secure and warm environment. It is a self contained unit providing its own kitchen, nappy area and is divided into play areas. We had the cabin installed with an air conditioning unit for those summer months!

We felt that it would be good to have a separate building to cater for the babies where they can feel safe, warm, secure and have constant supervision. Our babies receive everything they need to make sure they feel safe and sound.

To make life a bit easier for working parents we will provide all milk products (apart from mum's own, which we'll happily make sure gets enjoyed).

Little Toddler Room

Is where we can witness each child growing independence, curiosity and intelligence. As a child's steps get more and sure-footed, and their confidence grows, play gets slightly more adventurous. So our indoor and outdoor areas have been created to cater for all levels of confidence; from children who want to play quietly to those who have boundless levels of energy.

Toddler Room

Is where we encourage their development and spend more time on structured activities. With our toddlers, some of our time is spent on more structured activities which are designed to feed everyone's curiosity about the world around them.

Big T’s

We prepare the children for entering school. We strive to produce a good balance between structured and free play activities. We want to encourage learning through feeding their curiosity and responding to their increasing confidence. Our days are carefully planned with the government's Early Learning Goals in mind.

Supporting Parents When Returning To Work

At Toybox we understand how difficult it can be for new parents to be separated from their children when returning to work, which is why we support parents to ensure they feel comfortable with our nursery environment and the care the children receive. Our qualified practitioners work in partnership with parents to ensure that the nursery routine is an extension of the child home life.

Our webcam facility is an ideal way for parents to feel reassured that their child is safe and content within the new environment.