Health & Safety

Clothes & Belongings

We often need to change the children's clothes, particularly at potty training time, so please make sure we always have a spare set of clothes.


Please familiarise yourself with our security procedures and follow them each time you arrive to drop off and pick up your child. Please close all doors and gates when entering and leaving the nursery.

We also liaise with the Environmental Health Department and Fire Officers to make sure our premises and facilities are safe and secure.

Health & Safety

We aim to provide a clean and healthy environment at the nursery to discourage the spread of infection and minimise the chance of accidents.


Accidents can and do happen. Bumps, bruises, grazes, all result in tears, even amongst the bravest. All mishaps are dealt with by a trained member of our team and will always be reported to you.

Sickness & Absence

If your child falls ill or appears to be poorly at the nursery, we will need to get in touch with you. Please make sure that we have your emergency contact numbers and do let us know if any numbers change.


If your child needs medication then we will need to complete a permission form. This ensures that we administer the right amount at the right time. This applies to all prescription medicines