At Toybox we try and go that extra mile when it comes to providing the best child care. This being the case, we employ a specialist chef Janette Jordan, who cooks the children's meals from scratch using only 100% fresh ingredients. We follow the Governments '5-A-day' regime ensuring that the children grow up to be 'big and strong'.

Please see 'Nursery Life' for an example of the menu. We have a music and movement specialist for children, Jo Jingles, who visits us once a week for the day. This gives the children the opportunity to play musical instruments and express themselves through music and movement.

Secure Live Web Cam

At Toybox Nursery we offer all parents and guardians three live and secure web cams as part of our great service... and for FREE! These are in the Baby Room, Toddler Room and Pre-school unit. So whilst you are at work and we are looking after your child you can have a comfort check through the eye and magic of the Internet.

Private & Secure

The web server which hosts Toybox live cameras allows users to login and view images securely. Only authorised users (i.e. the child's parent or guardian) has access via a username and password. When a child is no longer placed at Toybox Nursery, we remove the web cam access for his/her parent or guardian. 128-bit SSL is the same technology banks use for online banking websites to protect their customers from fraudulent activity!

Login Required

You cannot enter the live web cam areas without an authorised login. We issue a unique username and password when your child joins us at Toybox Nursery.

To login simply select link on the main menu. You'll be asked to enter your unique username and password. You must type these exactly as we informed you (i.e. all in lowercase). After three failed attempts you will get an error message and no access.


Please ensure that you always have a good stock of your preferred brand of disposable nappies available for us to use. We will provide nappy wipes and we will apply a nappy barrier cream such as Sudacream when needed.


There is a drop off/pick up parking area at the side of the nursery.