About Us

At Toybox nursery we strive to do the very best for every child we care for. We respect each child's individual needs and we nurture their growing independence.

We believe that children deserve the best nursery care possible. Equally, we know that parents need to see that their children are getting the best. Here we offer that opportunity with our live web camera, where you can log in at any time and have the opportunity to see what your little ones are up to at that time!

Toybox is a professional nursery providing private childcare facilities. We provide innovative, creative childcare facilities to help develop a childs early learning and future growth.

Our Goals

At Toybox we aim to provide a caring, safe and stimulating environment where children can grow and develop skills
necessary for future life. We believe communication is key when establishing and maintaining a partnership working
between practitioners and parents, to ensure all individuals' needs are met.

We aim to offer an ‘open door’ policy where parents are always welcomed to drop-in and share news or even ask questions informally.

The Team

Katie Khan and Hayley Twist saw great potential in the building which had been empty for some time, within a few months the building had been transformed into a children’s nursery with 3 separate aged rooms which opened in 2003. Since then the owners have extended to 5 separate aged rooms, sensory room and 4 specific outdoor experience areas.


Charlotte Baxby and Samantha Jones have worked within the Toybox team for 8 years. Within this time they have extended their personal developments by completing future training

Assessor training
Level 5 leadership and management

All the practitioners are qualified to level 3 or above and hold relevant safe guarding, food hygiene and first aid certificates.